Episode 23 - Halloween Special (Scary Hometown Stories)

Happy Halloween! If you are anything like Jaci and Chelsey you have a love/hate relationship with true crime & anything that scares you into sleeping with a night light. So in honor of this eerie season, the girls have their spookiest episode yet! They share their personal scariest experiences & talk all things haunted. They read  hometown ghost stories, mysteries, & tons of other scary stories from fans & friends. Get your night lights ready. The girls from WWS wish you a fun & safe Halloween! 

Episode 2 - Nature vs. Nurture

Were you born a blank canvas, or do your genes predetermine who you will become? Chels and Jace discuss how our childhood (good or bad) affects us, why this is an ongoing debate, & maybe, just maybe, we will learn a thing or two about identical & fraternal twins!?