Our Favorite Things Giveaway!

Guys, we are SO excited for our first giveaway! We wanted to give you guys something you will actually use and LOVE. So here is a list of our FAVORITE things! The Giveaway winner will receive everything on this list! Head over to our What We Said Podcast Instagram Account ( @whatwesaidpodcast ) for details on how to enter! The winner will be announced Tuesday, November 20th!

Chelsey’s Picks:

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.38.37 AM.png

Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper Cleaner - I was SHOOK when I learned about “tongue health” and tongue scrapers while listening to the Skinny Confidential Podcast. Who knew it was important to have a clean tongue?! This thing is amazing, you use it after you brush your teeth and it gently scrapes your tongue clean. For someone like me, whose sinuses are always a little congested, it saves me from the inevitable bad breath (yuck) that comes with that. It helps improve taste as well! All around win-win.  

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.38.02 AM.png

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater -  I feel like this a skin care staple. I fly to California quite a bit from Arizona and I always make sure to have a bottle of this on hand to give me a quick facial refresh after the airplane. This is perfect to carry in your purse for long work days or nights out on the town. A quick couple spritzes and your face is hydrated and happy. Plus it smells amazing. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.39.08 AM.png

Rose Gold Facial Serum Elixir - This stuff is my favorite facial oil I’ve found (and I’ve tried a lot)! It is infused with aloe and hyaluronic acid. It gives your skin that no-makeup, glowy look. It is perfect for combination skin like mine, I lightly wash my wash in the morning and then put this on and it makes my skin feel plump and hydrated. If you have dry skin you can pair it with a face cream!  

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.40.14 AM.png

 ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk PillowcaseHypoallergenic, 19 momme, 600 thread count 100 percent Mulberry Silk.  I have been sleeping on these pillowcases for over a year now and I am obsessed. This is the brand I use and love. Plus, it’s affordable! I have really thin hair that is very prone to breakage, so I read about silk pillowcases and was sold. Its smooth surface prevents split ends and other damage. Not only is it great for hair, it also reduces facial wrinkles and locks in the moisture on your face much better than cotton! My husband is sold on it too, he loooooves his silk pillowcase.  

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.41.43 AM.png

Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable 35mm Camera - This camera is a classic! I’m sure you see everyone using disposables on your Instagram feed or they’re using apps that mimic that 90’s look. These are great because once you snap the picture, you can’t see it until it’s developed! That way you have more time enjoying the present than if you were to take 100 iPhone pics trying to get the “best” one. Disposable cameras are perfect for trips, hanging out with friends, and other events. I love using them for the holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. I feel like it just captures those real, authentic moments of being together. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.41.10 AM.png


The Crème Shop Face Masks - I’ve been on the hunt for great face masks for a while now. I couldn't find any that I was obsessed with that I felt really helped my skin. THEN I won these face masks at a bridal shower and have used them ever since! I have broken out from other face masks before but these ones always make my skin feel so plump, awake, and hydrated. These are definitely my favorite masks yet! 

Jaci’s Picks: 

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.42.03 AM.png

Oribe Thickening Spray – I've been using this on my hair for about 2 years. It gives you some grit and texture which is extra amazing for someone that has fine hair like me. I spray it on my hair after styling and I feel like it helps give so much volume and texture. Plus it smells so good!  

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.42.37 AM.png

 St Tropez Tanning Mousse – This is my absolute favorite self tanner. I get asked all the time if I am able to get tan and the answer is NO, my skin really does not tan. At least not quickly at all. I definitely prefer self tanner to going into tanning beds and attempting to get tan by damaging my skin. If applied with this mitt, it will not be streaky. I love that it is more olive/natural toned than orange. Pro tip: Exfoliate and shave before you apply and keep your skin moisturized in the days following to keep it looking even! 

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.46.50 AM.png

First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Primer - This stuff smells amazing and goes on so smooth. I like using it to prime my face before makeup or even mixing it with my foundation and applying them together.  

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.45.27 AM.png

MAC Highlighter - Soft & Gentle - This stuff is soooo pretty and shimmery. I have been using it since high school. I have tried other ones here and there but this one might always be my favorite. A little goes a long way!  

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.47.10 AM.png

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara – This is my new favorite mascara. I have been getting so many compliments lately on my lashes and I’m convinced it’s cause of this mascara! It goes on even and not too thick and it lengthens your lashes so much.  

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 10.44.15 AM.png

Lait De Coco Fragrance – Definitely one of my favorite scents ever! It is affordable and SO good. Leif loves when I wear it and I get so many compliments from other people as well! If you love the subtle smell of coconut you will be obsessed!

10 Day Social Media Fast

Canva - Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Icon, Icons.jpg

I’ve always been very interested in things like fasts, cleanses and detoxifying. It all sounds so... satisfying, doesn’t it? It’s like watching those pimple popping videos or looking at your razor to see how much hair you just shaved off your leg after not shaving for many moons. (don’t lie, I know you all do it.) 


Lately, I’ve felt like I was caught in a bit of rut. After working for years to improve my self-esteem and stop comparing myself to others. I felt like I was slipping up and feeling a little blue. I started to notice the “they are way more successful than me” and the “I could never look like that” thoughts start creeeepin’ into my head. I wanted to catch it before it got too bad, but I didn’t know how to do that exactly. 


Then, a couple days later, I was sitting at Church with my husband and my “screen time” setting sent me a notification. According to that setting, I had spent an average of about FIVE AND A HALF hours A DAY on my phone.  


I was horrified!!! And very embarrassed. My husband’s average was an hour a day... I honestly thought that it must be some sort of mistake. But NOPE!  


I really had to reevaluate my life. That’s over 35 hours a week, staring at my phone screen. That’s basically a full-time job. Granted I do most of my work on my phone, but I know a lot of that time was being wasted on social media apps. I swore to myself I would make an effort to look at my phone less that week. 


The following Saturday I went to my Grandma’s house to watch a few messages from our church’s national leaders. (link here) In it, the President & Prophet of the Church encouraged all of us to take a 10 day social media fast. This is what he asked us to do: Decide what qualified as “social media” and which platforms we should remove. Write down what changes we noticed while on the fast. Have your priorities changed? What else do you find doing with your time and energy?  


My first reaction was to reject this because of my classic excuse, “my business is on social media, I can’t take a break.” but then I got home and thought about it some more... why can’t I take a break? Am I literally going to die or lose all credentials because I take a 10 day break? Probably not.  

I committed to trying it out.  


1.) I deleted the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook apps off of my phone. 


2.) That’s it. 


Really it was as simple as that.  


The first couple days were annoying at first, but here is the thing.... I GOT SO MUCH DONE! I couldn’t believe how much I had done in one day!  


My problem is my finger naturally just drifts over and clicks on the app. It’s like muscle memory and then 40 minutes later I realize I have been stuck in a black hole of watching funny dog videos. I don’t go out and seek social media, it’s just scarily accessible whenever my mind registers more than a few seconds of boredom. Now that the apps were gone, I didn’t have anything to click on and get distracted by. I found myself tidying up more, writing more, being more active, talking more... I know these sound like cliché results but it’s the truth and it was awesome.  


I was happier. But not for the reason I had originally figured... I thought that I was going to stop comparing myself so much because I didn’t have Instagram or Facebook and I wasn’t constantly being bombarded with other people's highlight reels. It was definitely nice not seeing them but it wasn’t what was really making me blue. What was making me unhappy was my lack of purpose and progress. I felt stuck because I was distracting myself with social media. It was a way to stall myself from taking the steps necessary to succeed. I was so comfortable where I was, my subconscious was keeping me there because I was afraid of change and the possibility of success. As soon as a huge distraction was gone, it was clear to see I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone.  

I needed to start DOING instead of just wishing and envisioning.  


The next Sunday, my screen time said my average went down to about an hour on my phone every day. (Most of it was my music app playing.) It felt really good to see that number.  


You can’t afford to be distracted. Maybe social media isn’t a huge distracter like it was/is for me. What is helping you NOT reach your goals? The little things you do every day may not seem huge day to day... but those little things are what collectively make up your life.  


If you are considering a social media fast, I highly endorse it. Take time off, use your phone less, and start doing “real life” more without having to document every second of it. Write down how you feel, write down what you notice, if anything at all. I promise, you will benefit in some way.

xx Chelsey 

Skin Care Basics

Skin care. Google search this and it will come up with millions of results telling you what products to use, what regimen to follow, how often to use what and what the solutions are for your skin concerns...but how do you decide what is really the best in the sea of all this information??? Well I’m here to tell you! And it really isn’t as complicated or overwhelming as google might make it sound.

First thing is first; finding a skin care regimen to follow. To keep your skin healthy and looking good, you really just need to follow 3 simple steps: cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate. Bare with me while I get all nerdy and science-y, but I think knowing why you’re doing something and how exactly it’s going to benefit your skin helps you stick to a regular regimen. So here we go- all the skin care answers you’re dying for google to tell you...

Cleansing. Ideally, you want to wash your face every morning and every night. Throughout the day, your skin produces excess oil that you’ll want to remove. And on top of that pollution, dirt and bacteria all latch on to the surface of your skin! The combination of all of that can lead to acne, premature aging, irritation and dullness. Cleansing your skin before you go to bed is so important to get all of that junk off! So why wash your face in the morning when all you did was sleep? The oils and products from your hair rubs off onto your pillow which goes straight to your face. Also, almost everyone will sweat a little bit in their sleep, so this will leave small traces of bacteria on your skin. So washing your face in the morning is super important to get that all off as well. Now that you know what to do, it is important to make sure you are using a good quality, pH balanced cleanser that is specific to your skin type! What does pH balanced mean??? Your skin is naturally acidic, sitting at a pH of 4.5-5.5. (okay here’s where it gets really nerdy and science-y) A lot of cleansers have actual soap in them and soap is very alkaline (usually around a 9 or 10 on the pH scale). This means that soap is 10,000 times more alkaline than your skin which is crazy. This disturb your skin's pH which causes dryness, irritation and inflammation. Soap will also strip your skin of its natural oils (yes you need those). So find something that you know is pH balanced!

Moisturizing. This is an important step for all skin types. It keeps your skin healthy and hydrated. If you have dry skin, this is probably a step you don’t have a problem with! But those with oily skin, I’m talking to you too! I bet you’re wondering “well I have oily skin so why do I need to worry about this step?” or “I don’t want to put anything else on my face!”. Dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, combination skin- they are all a skin type- it is what you are born with! You’re skin type describes the amount of oil (or if you want to get really technical, sebum) your skin produces. Dehydrated skin is a condition. It is a lack of water. It is caused from dry climates or not drinking enough water. So yes, you can have an oily skin type, but still be dehydrated! Dehydrated skin ages 7 times faster than healthy, hydrated skin does...whaaaat? So if you have dry skin, use a thicker moisturizer to get the extra oil you need and the hydration. If you’re oily, use an oil free moisturizer! This will give you the hydration and water content you still need. Always make sure you find something that is non-comedogenic, this means it won’t clog your pores and won’t cause you to breakout.

Exfoliation. My favorite step!!! And in my opinion, one of the most important. You can be doing everything else right, but if you’re not exfoliating regularly then it’s all for nothing! People ask me all the time “is exfoliation good or bad for your skin??” If done properly, GOOD!!! Exfoliation can help to increase your hydration, smooth your skin's texture, stimulate collagen production and speed up cell turnover. It also allows your moisturizer to work effectively. Exfoliation should usually be done 2-3 times per week, don't over do it!! Over exfoliating can cause major skin problems, but without it your moisturizer can't absorb properly. Exfoliation will remove the top layer of dead cells so that those healthy cells underneath can absorb your moisturizer and put it to work! Whenever people are having skin problems, exfoliation is almost always my answer. If you have acne, clogged pores, a dull appearance, rough texture, dry patches...adding an exfoliator to your regimen will improve if not solve what is going on. All that being said, you need to make sure you find something that is good for your skin type and condition. If you’re not exfoliating now, add that into your regimen and you’ll see smooth, vibrant and clearer skin in no time!

And of course, SPF. You probably hear it all the time, but I cannot stress the importance of this step! Protecting your skin daily will slow down the aging process significantly. Yes, aging is natural and normal...but sun triggers 80% of skin aging, so wear the spf! At least 15-30 spf every day.

After reading all of that, I’m sure you’re wondering “sooo?? What product line should I be using??” There’s so much out there, it can be tricky finding a product line you like! So I’ll help you! My ALL. TIME. FAVORITE. product line is called Sanitas. All of their products have bio-intelligent ingredients: a step beyond natural. All the ingredients they use fall under one of these 4 categories: biogenic, bioactive, bioessential or biomimetic. Basically this means that the ingredients used in all their products are either naturally produced by your body and found in your skin, easily recognized and used by the skin because they interact with elements already present, nutrients not produced by the body but are essential for proper biological functions or they mimic behaviors of nutrients naturally found in your body. This is a professional skin care line, so you have to buy it from a licensed professional either at a dermatology office or from a spa. Click here and you can find a retailer near you!

If you’re on a drug store budget, I always recommend Derma-E, it’s organic and all natural. It’s a little bit of a higher price point than most over the counter products, but you get what you pay for! Their products are pH balanced and non-comedogenic. They have different categories for different skin types and concerns so you have a lot to choose from.

Skin health is more than just topical products- it’s a lifestyle. There is a lot of nutritional importance to skin care as well, but following all these steps will keep it healthy, hydrated and glowing from the outside. I hope I was able to simplify this whole skin care thing and answer some of the questions you had!

Until next time, xoxo.

Brianne Davis, @brianne.j.davis

PS: Follow along with @pureandlovelyskincare for more skin care tips and tricks throughout the week!

6 Steps To Cultivating a Positive Space On Social Media

Hi friends! My name is Bethany, I’m a lifestyle blogger based in Phoenix and I’m so excited to get to share with you guys.

Today we’re going to talk about something we all have a love/hate relationship with...social media. Ah, social media, you give such highs and lows. You can be crazy draining at times, and yet so rewarding at others.


To be honest, spending time on social media can just feel exhausting. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened up Instagram and have found myself down a rabbit hole, stalking a travel blogger and comparing their life (highlight reel) to my own. We’ve all been there. When we get caught up playing the comparison game, social media can leave us feeling inadequate, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Spending time on social platforms does not have to be negative or meaningless. There’s a lot of light, positive interactions and inspiration from all around the world to be found. We just need take control of our own social media space and be intentional about what we’re putting out there and how our brains are taking it all in.

  1. Kindness matters. We live in a world where each of us are our own toughest critics, we don’t need anyone else’s negative thoughts or opinions weighing us down. But we do need constant human love and support, so let’s build each other up!

Did you know that practicing acts of kindness doesn’t just benefit the person on the receiving end? It’s benefiting you too by activating the reward centers in your brain! Researchers actually recommend practicing kindness as one of the best ways to boost YOUR OWN happiness. This sounds cheesy but it’s true: when you’re kind, literally everyone wins.


2. Be intentional about sharing your kind words. “If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.” -Ruthie Lindsey. The most unique thing about social media is that we have the opportunity to reach so many different people in such a short amount of time. We have the ability to spread positive thoughts and ideas like wildfire. This power that we have is HUGE and we might as well take advantage of it.

How about instead of the old “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all” we make it “if you have nothing nice to say, think harder because something nice will come to you and then you should definitely say it because it will make everyone feel good”. Make it a point to insert love wherever possible. These kind words really do make a difference. We don’t always know the full story of what someone is going through so you never know when your simple kind words could change everything for them.

3. Decide your number. This will be your daily reminder and encouragement to put the previous steps into action. Make it a goal for yourself to say an X number of positive things on social media each day. Maybe make it a point to leave at least 5 kind comments and send 5 sweet DMs whenever you find yourself scrolling through Instagram.

It’s easy to let time go by without spreading positivity if you’re not being intentional. Deciding your number will help keep you on track for cultivating this positive space. Don’t forget that you benefit from being kind as well so why not help yourself (and others) have a better day!


4. Pour out your cup and let others fill it up. This means go ahead and give your kindness freely and accept and trust in the loving words that others give to you.

The more you pour out, the more others will want to fill you up! It’s important to practice accepting compliments from others and giving compliments to yourself. Being good to yourself is essential as it can offer so much freedom in allowing you to be more genuine and generous to others. The more you let yourself and others fill you up, the more you will have to pour out to keep the cycle going.

5. Remember that social media is a highlight reel. Most of the time when people choose to share moments of their life on social media, they are only the most beautiful parts of their life. Know that there is so much more going on behind the scenes than most posts let on. Practice being mindful and not comparing your entire story to someone else’s highlight reel. When you go onto social media with the right mindset you are so much more able to serve yourself and others.

If you find that a specific person’s posts always seem to negatively affect your mood, know that it’s okay to take action. If you need to unfollow someone or mute someone’s posts for a little while, that’s okay. Your social media space should feel safe just as any other space should.


6. Limit your time on social media. Just as with all healthy relationships, there should be boundaries. While social media offers so many unique and advantageous ways to spread positivity, it’s important to be mindful of how much time we invest being plugged in. Nothing beats personal human connection and all of these steps can be put to use here as well.

Practicing these steps in both social media and the real world, has added a lot of my light to my life. I work to be mindful of these things each day. Of course, there are days where I do better than others. On the days where I’m being the most intentional, my mood is much better, I feel a greater connection and trust for humanity and it just feels like we’re all rooting for each other.

I know there’s a lot of human kindness to be seen from all over the world and putting these steps into practice will help show this! I am rooting for you friends! You are so important, so loved and so valued.

"Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world". -Pema Chodron



Pain-Free Unmedicated Birth Story

Hi! I’m Alexis Kaiser. I’m a fashion, lifestyle and mommy “blogger” at www.alternativeindigo.com and @alexisjadekaiser on Instagram. Really I’ve evolved into more of a ‘life sharer’, but I’m loving sharing this journey! I thought it’d be cool to share my hypnobirthing experience. When I tell people I had a pain-free unmedicated birth you can imagine some of the looks I get! What? How? You didn’t experience any pain? How is that even possible? Well, that’s where this story comes in! Hope you enjoy :)


I originally actually had no clue that people gave birth unmedicated by choice - that is until I came across a YouTuber, Ellen Fisher. She had explained how she had successfully had 2 at home unmedicated births. I was mind blown. WTF would anyone ever choose to have an unmedicated birth? That’s where I began digging, learning, absorbing. I was sooo intrigued. Infact, dare I say I became obsessed! I wanted to know everything about birth! The more I learned, the more fascinated I became.

There was a documentary I came across that really changed the way I thought about our birthing system in the United States. It’s a documentary called The Business of Being Born (on Netflix). It was mind boggling to me. You’ll have to check it out for yourself but I felt like it was so so informative! Upon further personal research I decided this was for me. I was going to do an unmedicated birth. I knew this was best for me and my family and was willing to take the steps needed to make sure it could happen as smoothly as possible.

Then I came across a friend’s blog post that talked all about her hypnobirth. Hypnobirthing?! What the heck?! Then I found out an Aunt of mind had done a hypnobirth! I talked to them both about it and got some more info from them. I was surrounded by love and support when speaking to them. It made me even more excited. I found a local hypnobirthing method called The Curtis Method that a lot of people were raving about. I decided to sign me and my husband up for the course. It was the best thing I’ve ever done! To have my husband on the exact same page as me in the same mind set really confirmed this is what I wanted, what we wanted! The class was unbelievably informative. Even though I had become an obsessive birth guru I learned SO MUCH. Our bodies are INCREDIBLE.

Well long story short - lol. I gave birth to our first daughter Billie Stone on July 9th, 2017. I had a successful, pain free birth at American Fork hospital and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never felt so grounded and connected to my body and soul. It was such an empowering experience. I’m currently pregnant (yes, again) and plan to do another unmedicated hypnobirth in January! I’d like to share my birth story with you, I hope you enjoy!

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ 8:00am *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Today started like most Saturdays. We woke up, had some breakfast and decided to walk our bikes to the bike shop downtown to get the tires fixed. Yes, I know that's a freakin crazy thing to do now looking back at 39 weeks 4 days haha. It's about a mile and half and it was a casual 92 degrees out. After getting our tires fixed we swung by the Farmers Market and grabbed some delish cucumber lemonade and rode our bikes home. That afternoon we packed up the kayaks and took them up to Tibble Fork Reservoir where we met up with Rachel and Ed (Adam's sister and her hubby)! We kayaked around the lake for about 3 hours. The whole time I felt pretty uncomfortable and felt like I was maybe having some contractions but I didn't know what to expect so I didn't really let it worry me. I just kept on telling Rachel, "Man, I'm pretty uncomfortable, I swear I'm having contractions." Adam kept joking all day that Billie was coming tonight. He just kept saying, "I know she's coming, I just know it." And it became the joke of the day. We even planned on hiking the following day with them and said, well if the baby doesn't come we'll see ya tomorrow! ;)  

After we kayaked, me and Adam came home and he grilled up some spicy tofurkey dogs and we chomped those down. I all the sudden got like a huge urge to clean the entire house and I told him I was pretty sure I was having contractions. He kept saying I had the weirdest look on my face and I was acting so weird. They were still pretty far apart, and not very uncomfortable but they were definitely happening. I literally started vacuuming everything, washing the sheets, cleaning the house like a mad woman. My contractions now were pretty uncomfortable but still pretty far apart so I still wasn't timing them, just trying to get everything ready for the baby to come home!

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ 11:00pm *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

It was pretty late by this time, and Adam was pooped from the day but I was full of adrenaline and couldn't stop! By this time I was having to take a break from what I was doing and breathe through my contractions. I decided to paint my nails after showering and then did my make up (lolz). I did my make up on my yoga ball and sat and rolled and breathed through all of the contractions. By the time I finished my makeup I was having a hard time getting through the contractions on my own. I wanted Adam to be able to sleep as long as possible - I knew it'd be a long night so I went to the family room and brought my ball and continued to breathe through my contractions. My cats were both following me around everywhere it was so cute, Jimi especially. Twiggy just came around when I would be breathing through the contraction and would meow in a very concerned manner.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ 2:00am *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

My contractions got to a point where I was having a hard time getting through them alone and decided to wake up Adam. At this point in time, I had been timing my contractions, they were 5 minutes apart and lasting about 1 minute. Adam woke up and helped do counter pressure on my hips through every contraction. (Side note for my own memory and kinda funny - When I went to wake up Adam I said, "Babe I'm having a hard time getting through contractions by myself can you wake up and help me?" and he said, "Are you sure? Is this real? I just want you to be sure because I'm having a really hard time waking up." Hahahah like WTF man I'm in labor get your ass out of bed! He insisted that I lay down and try to get some rest - I knew I wouldn't be able to because I was pretty progressed at this point, but I tried anyway - After one contraction laying on my side I got up and said NOPE get up I need you!) It helped so much. I had 2 really intense contractions and suddenly felt like I was going to puke and ran to the toilet and vomited. DON'T EAT TOFURKEY DOGS IF YOU'RE IN LABOR PEOPLE. Haha worst thing ever.

We came back to the room and continued to work through each contraction. I really wanted to labor as long as possible at home where I felt the most comfortable because my plan was to have an unmedicated hospital birth. But I was having such a hard time gaging when would be a good time to go to the hospital. I had another super intense contraction and threw up again. I told Adam we should call the midwife. We called the on call midwife Erica (which was one I had never previously met) and she asked a few questions. I hadn't previously had my cervix checked at any appointments so I literally had no idea where I might be at. She told us to run a warm bath and see if that would take the edge off. So that's exactly what we did and I HATED being in the bath. I had one contraction in there and immediately got out. I had the hardest time getting in the zone and getting comfortable in there I just couldn't do it. After that we worked through some more contractions and decided it was go time! (Oh I had thrown up again at this point and after I had I decided that I really wanted to go to the hospital). I was drinking tons of water and Gatorade to try and keep myself from getting dehydrated.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ 4:40am *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

20 minute drive to American Fork Hospital

Full Moon

I texted my birth photographer, doula, birth videographer and parents and let them all know it was go time and we were heading to the hospital. We checked off everything on our last minute list and drove to the hospital. Adam drove SO SLOW. You guys I was dying. He was looking both ways, stopping at every yield sign, stop sign, red light. WE WERE THE ONLY CAR ON THE ROAD. I think he was worried we were going in too soon. And I kind of was too so I didn't say anything. I had 5 contractions in the car. They were super uncomfortable. As we were getting on the free way exit I finally said, "Um hello can I get a little urgency here!!!! We need to get to the hospital!" He then 'stepped on it' and before I knew it we were pulling in. We parked the car and walked into the hospital where I had another contraction (again so funny, literally no urgency just casually parked far away it's fine). As we got up to labor and delivery I kept holding back tears. I couldn't believe we were finally going to meet our baby girl! I was so emotional. We checked in and I started crying. Haha, I told the nurse, "I'm not in pain, I'm just really emotional, I can't believe we're having a baby." And they were kind of chuckling. We got checked into the first room where they said they would check me and see where we were at. I was soooo scared to get checked. I didn't want to be disappointed at where I was at and have that slow my labor. But at the same time I was confident that I was progressing and quickly at that. I just kept telling myself to trust my body. After what seemed like an eternity someone came in and checked my cervix. I was a 5.5 almost a 6! I was STOKED. I got super emotional again and they said that they'd prepare a labor room for us. We had to do 25 minutes of monitoring before getting into our labor and delivery room everything looked great!

I guess they had not a single patient come in from 1:00am - 3:00am and then at 5:00am they had almost 5 patients check in at once! So they were pretty backed up and under staffed.

We finally got checked into our room, my doula showed up and it was go time! My parents showed up shortly after. I think it was about 6:50am. I was super in the zone and began quietly moaning through my contractions. It just felt right. It helped me get through them. We began on my birthing ball again and Liz (my doula) did counter pressure on my hips and Adam sat in front of me on a chair and stroked my arms, said the sweetest kindest things, and kept kissing my forehead. He kept telling me I was doing such a good job. It really kept me going. I felt so supported. Erica (midwife) told me that her shift was over and that Elizabeth would be delivering me. Elizabeth came in to check on everything and see how I was doing. She had such a calm demeanor about her it really boosted my confidence and put me at ease. I had only previously met her once. By this time I think I had labored on the ball for about an hour. She asked if I wanted to try out some different positions. I had thrown up again and felt sooo motion sickness. The nurse said it was very common for women who have motion sickness to feel nauseated during labor. Lucky me! Haha. At this time I didn't know it but I was actually in transition. We decided to change positions. I laid on my side and put a peanut ball in between my legs so one was propped up. At this time I had the nurse on staff, Liz and Elizabeth doing counter pressure on my contractions. The peanut ball made them much more intense. Elizabeth had informed me beforehand that the positioning of it would help my baby move down quickly and efficiently. So I knew I needed to do it. We made it through a few more contractions and I said, "I just felt her move down!" I could literally feel her moving downward it was the craziest feeling ever, like she had dropped 5 inches all the sudden. Adam held my hand on the side on the bed.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ You Need A Doula, You're a 9! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Liz was so amazing. I'm going to do a post just dedicated to her and why EVERYONE needs a doula for their birth because this post is already a gazillion miles long. But she kept me so comfortable, she kept me hydrated and reassured me through all of my choices that they were MY CHOICES and I needed to do what I wanted to do. She was so supportive. I honestly felt so loved. Elizabeth came back in the room after checking on another patient and suggested I get my cervix checked again. I was so eager to see where I was at at this point, it had seemed like an eternity since the last time I was checked. She checked after a contraction and I was a 9!!!!!!! I was soooo stoked. I was so close! I could do this! I was doing so good, my body knew exactly what to do. A couple super intense contractions went by and I began to feel pushy! Elizabeth checked me again and I was a 9.5. She said that my waters were bulging and said that it was creating a small lip on my cervix and said that she could break my water and baby would come super fast after that. I really wanted my labor to be 100% intervention free. I had made up my mind about that. So I told her I wanted to get through 3 more contractions and then I'd decide. 3 contractions went by and I was still super pushy. My water still hadn't broken. Everyone said to try and resist pushing and save up my energy for when my body was ready. Because I was super pushy on the last contraction (more-so than before) Elizabeth checked me again and I was a 10! It was all happening so fast. In my birth plan (which was 4 pages long- lolz and I actually didn't even have to pull it out) I said I wanted to do mother directed pushing and would ask for coaching when I felt the need.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Time To Push! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

The time was finally here! I had labored through it all we was going to meet our baby girl!!!! They did intermittent monitoring on and off and baby was doing great! I was so calm too. I decided I wanted to push on my side so we moved the peanut ball and I help up one of my legs and Liz had the other one. The next contraction came through and I pushed 3 times! As hard as I could. I had so much support. Everyone said I was doing so good! I was breathing through my pushing and took it slow! I wanted to listen to my body. I didn't want to tear. I was so in-tune and in control of my body. It was so empowering. I only ended up pushing for 30 minutes total. Which is crazy!! It felt like an eternity I'm not going to lie. That was by far the most challenging part. My water still hadn't broken and they thought baby was going to be born inside the sack! I reached down on one of the contractions and felt the sack - it was the weirdest feeling! Elizabeth said that she'd only seen 2 other births like mine where you could actually see the babies head inside the sack. I pushed really hard again through another contraction and held it and GUSH! My water broke! They were all holding up towels and had masks on and everything haha it was such a relief when it broke. So much pressure was gone! A couple more pushes and they could see the babies head and her hair! They said, "Oh my goodness she has black hair!" I was still in shock that she was so close. Elizabeth finally said, "Okay Alexis, lets do a couple contractions where you hold you breath and get this baby out." I pushed through 2 more contractions and held my breath the 3 times I pushed. They said she was so close! Then Elizabeth said, "Okay Alexis, lets do 3 more pushes, that's all we need to meet your baby, 3 more little pushes and she'll be here. I'll tell you when and how long to push." My next contraction she coached me through it! She said "Push!, Stop!", "Push, Stop!", "Push! Stop!" and then I heard her say, Adam come here! And then let Adam pull her out and deliver her onto my chest!! It was literally unreal!!

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Billie Stone Kaiser *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

7 lbs 7 oz. 19 inches long

I began crying my eyes out! Our baby girl was in my arms and she was perfect! She was screaming! We waited until her cord stopped pulsing and then Adam cut the cord. I delivered my placenta shortly after that. I only had to get 2 stitches and Elizabeth said that she didn't even consider them first degree tears. I was so amazed! Billie screamed and screamed and screamed! I was so relieved to hear her little lungs working so well! We then got to do chest to chest for an hour.

They were pushing on my uterus after trying to get it to go back down. And I was bleeding. A lot. A lot a lot. They decided to put me on Pitocin to try and stop the bleeding. I ended up having to take quite a few other oral medications because I was bleeding so badly. I felt so weak and I was really worried. We finally got my bleeding to slow by the morning and I was able to be discharged shortly after.

For those of you wondering what method we used for our unmedicated birth we used The Curtis Method hypnobirthing. It helped me soooo much throughout my entire labor and delivery and really gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to birth our little Billie. I remember her saying in the class that her last birth she considered a pain free empowered birth. I didn't get it - like how could a birth be pain free? You're literally pushing out the biggest thing you ever have had to. But I can honestly say that my birth was 100% pain free and an amazing, empowering and grounding experience. Our bodies are AMAZING and are designed to do this! I knew my body was working, I knew there was a baby coming out of me, but I would never associate it as pain. Them pushing on my uterus after was painful. The way my girl parts feel now is painful. But giving birth unmedicated was not painful. I hope to inspire other women to educate themselves about childbirth and learn all you can about your body before hand! It made such a huge difference in our experience. We have such a powerful outlook on birth in our little family now. I also used the American Fork Valley Midwives and 100% recommend them! They are so supportive, knowledgeable and amazing! I want to have all my babies with them.

We have now been with our baby Billie Stone for almost a month and we couldn't love her more! We are exclusively breastfeeding and she's doing so great! What a miracle it is that our bodies can produce the most perfect food for our little babies on demand. I feel so grateful for such a quick and fast recovery and for the way I think about birth. We are so blessed!!

Photography by Janae Kristen

Videography by @tellthebirds


How Changing My Style Gave Me Confidence

    Have you ever seen someone wearing something and thought “WOW I wish I could pull that off”. Have you ever walked into a store and thought “I am not even cool enough to be in here let alone wear any of this”. A few years ago these were my only thoughts regarding fashion. I knew I had an interest in it but didn’t think I would ever be able to pursue it because I didn’t have a style worth noticing. At that time I was only wearing things that fit in my box. The box I had put myself in. Growing up I was shy, quiet, in the shadows, and insecure. I thought I couldn’t wear anything bold because I wasn’t living boldy. Eventually, I had to change the story. But how? I discovered my passion for fashion when I let my clothes start talking for me. Instead of wearing what felt safe, I let myself wear what felt loud. The louder my clothes got the louder my voice got. I began to believe in myself the way my clothes seemed to. You may think fashion or style does not have an impact on your day to day life but every day when you wake up and choose what to wear that day you are saying something about who you are, not only to those around you but also to yourself.

What are your clothes saying about you?

When I ask this question I am not asking “Do your clothes show how much money you have?” Rather, “Is your outfit giving you enough credit?” It is important to dress in a way that gives what you have to offer a little credit. It is not by accident that business men wear suits to work everyday. They wear suits to be taken seriously in a professional setting. There once was a time in my life that I was dressing as a broke college student going to school in a town with one main road and not a mall in sight. And in fact, that IS who I was. But I wasn’t happy. That girl wasn’t necessarily who I wanted to be forever. So I had to start dressing as the girl I saw myself becoming. I started taking more chances with my wardrobe and all of the sudden I was willing to take more chances with my life. My clothes became my voice. Instead of saying “please don’t notice me” they said “I am Maddy. I have a passion. I have a dream. I am going to do big things.” And whether those around me heard that or not, I did. Dressing boldly gave me the confidence to live more boldly. It allowed me to take chances not only with my wardrobe but with my life. I decided to apply for an internship at New York Fashion Week with no experience whatsoever. The old me would’ve said “I’ll never get this. Why would they want me?”. The new me (aka my new clothes) said “They would be lucky to have me!” I got the internship and had an experience I will never forget. How can you expect anyone to take a chance on you before you are willing to take a chance on yourself? Starting small with something like how you present yourself will only create a domino effect. Respecting yourself and your purpose through what you wear allows others to do the same.

It is not about WHAT you are wearing but HOW you are wearing it that makes a statement.

While it was true that I wouldn’t be a broke college student forever that didn’t change the fact that I could not (and still cannot) afford to wear designer clothing every day. As much as I want to have the style of the Hadid sisters, my bank account hasn’t exactly caught on yet. So this is where I have to get creative. Never be afraid to think outside the box. I find inspiration from recent runway shows, street style blogs, etc., put together a mood board, and then search high and low to find what I am looking for at a price I can afford. I have found some of my most favorite pieces of clothing at this super exclusive boutique you may have heard of called Forever21. People are always SO SHOCKED when they compliment a shirt or pair of shoes I am wearing and find out I bought them at Forever21 for $12.99. The secret is wearing whatever it may be with confidence like it is the only one of it’s kind. Confidence is the accessory that makes any outfit look like a million bucks. Wear your clothes like you chose to put them on this morning, because guess what? You did.

What if I don’t know what my style is?

I would like to pause hear to point out that I have not titled any of these sections “Everyone’s Perfect Outfit” Why? Because it doesn’t exist. I would love to sit hear and tell you what to wear. How to find a the right t-shirt and what jeans are right for your body typle. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter how I like my t-shirts cropped or that I only wear boyfriend jeans. It only matters what feels right for you. And only you know that. There is no right and wrong in style. Sure there will be trends. There will be the popular things to wear. There will be things we wear and look back on 5 years later wondering how on Earth we ever let ourselves leave the house looking like that. But for now, just have FUN. Take a CHANCE. Wear something comfortable. Wear something UNCOMFORTABLE. Wear something that makes you hold your head high and HOPE you run into your ex with his new girlfriend. At the end of the day if you feel good in it and you wear it that way, you will be the best dressed anywhere you go.

Statement VS. Staple

Ok now that we have established that it doesn’t matter what you like to wear as long as you wear it with conviction, I would like to leave you with something that elevated my style upon learning: the difference between statement pieces and staple pieces. Both are crucial to any wardrobe. Statement pieces are really just that, the part of your outfit that refuses to go unnoticed. These pieces are what give you the opportunity to take those chances we were talking about. Wear something that feels daring. Something that feels like only the coolest version of yourself could pull off. You will be surprised what version of yourself shows up to dinner that night. A staple piece on the other hand is really the foundation of any good outfit. It is that perfect black crop top that goes with any jacket. It is your favorite pair of jeans that make your butt look just right. They are the simple classics. Staple pieces are the pieces that you will wear until they have holes in them because you can’t bare to part with them. Now, a statement shoe paired with those perfect jeans, that is wear the magic happens. Finding the perfect balance of statement and staple is the key to any successful outfit.  

Nothing extraordinary ever happens inside the lines. I found confidence when I dared to dress outside of my comfort zone. If I accomplish anything in this lifetime I hope that I help at least one person achieve greatness because they just believed in themselves a little more. And the right pair of shoes may just be the key.




4 Things No One Tells You About Following Your Dreams.

IMG_6832 2.JPG

4 things no one tells you about following your dreams.

Hey babes!! I've been at this dream of mine for a while now, and I've learned a LOT. It turns out, there's a bunch of stuff no one ever tells you about. Sure, we all know following your dreams isn't going to be easy, but there's so much more I never prepared myself for. Whether your goal is to get fit and healthy, start a company, write a book, or even travel the world, these are the things I've seen affect pretty much all doers and dreamers as they work towards their goals.

If you feel like you're more of a dreamer than a doer, here's my blog post for you.

So here it is: the 4 things no one tells you about following your dreams.


This one has shocked me the most throughout my life. It's not that I haven't had wonderful support, but it's amazing how anytime you express a dream or goal how many people around you show resistance to that. It may be because they want to go after their dreams too but are disappointed in themselves, or it could even just be genuine concern because they love you and don't want to see you fail. Or sometimes (and we all do this) they want to keep you in their little box of who you are because humans are naturally resistant to change.

Have you ever tried to stick to a diet only to have all your friends tell you to live a little and let loose? Have you ever tried to work hard in school only to be made fun of for not hanging out with everyone else? It's exactly the same thing, and when you go for your dream, expect resistance even from those closest to you.

There will be those who tell you your dream is impossible, that you should do something more practical, that you have become too obsessive, that your life doesn't fit how they think it should, that you're not smart enough to get it done, that you're too lazy, or all of your ideas have never worked before. Get this: before I moved to Oahu, I was told that my photography would fail because no one would hire a white girl from Arizona. And yet, my photography business and everything else I've created has multiplied and turned into something beautiful that I'm now proud of! Just because someone you love and trust says something doesn't make it true about you. No one knows you better than yourself (and God!), so even if it's your best friend or even your mom, they don't get to decide how well you accomplish your dreams - you do.

Here's how you fight it: don't tell, just show. Keep your goals on the down low, and then smash them out of the park. When the naysayers doubt you, use it as motivation. For me I just think about how great it will feel to prove them wrong. I literally had people make fun of me for taking photos back in high school. I've had plenty of people make fun of me for sharing my life on Instagram. I've been made fun of for my captions, the way I post to Instagram stories, how I talk, you name it. And yet, those are the same people asking for help down the road when they see how much my hard work has paid off!

So don't let anyone get you down. Keep that chin up, and get to work. You've got this!


I love this quote I found the other day. It's TOO true. Don't get me wrong, there's definitely a need for some work-life balance when it comes to doing what you love, but I also think it's so cool how people who follow their dreams get to wake up excited every day!

Sure there are aspects of my work I'm not crazy about (cough cough emails..) and I do have to set apart time to make sure I am disconnected, but anytime I feel stressed or overwhelmed with work I remind myself how freaking rad it is that I get to do my dream job every day.

Say goodbye to sleep, because all of your best ideas are gonna keep you up at night. When you're following your dreams your brain gets wildly excited and there's no better feeling. You want to run a mile a minute and have a million ideas floating around in your head. I've always felt like I was on the right path in life when I could feel the inspiration pumping through my veins. That's what passion can do for you, and it's beyond exciting.

How to deal with it: stay organized and write things down. If you're kept up at night with racing thoughts write down everything you're thinking about so you can just get back to it in the morning. You can't do all your ideas at once. Some of mine have taken years to actually execute. Do one thing at a time, and do it well. Carve out family time and fun time and pointless time. By pointless time I simply mean give yourself time to do something that contributes absolutely nothing to your work. Paint, draw, play an instrument, read a novel, play with a child or animal, spend time in nature, bum out on Netflix, try a new recipe, phone a friend. It's so important to find that balance even though you could easily spend all your time working on your goals. This will keep you from burning out and the passion ignited past the honeymoon phase.


This is the hardest part about following your dreams. We can't stand failure. It's humiliating. We start thinking maybe people are right about us. Maybe we're stupid for trying so hard. Maybe we should've picked something easier. Maybe we're not cut out for it. Maybe it's not worth it. Maybe I'll never be as good as them.

We are our own worst enemy when it comes to following our dreams. And somehow we've all tricked ourselves into believing that everyone else has it figured out. We compare our chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20 and wonder why we suck so bad. We get started full of passion but when things get hard we listen to our own doubt too much.

How to fight it: allow yourself to feel the funk. You don't always need to be killing it. You might not stick to your workouts perfectly or get behind on a big project you're passionate about. I have some news for you: IT'S OKAY. The world is gonna keep turning and you're still going to accomplish your dreams and it's all gonna be okay. Take a break from social media for a bit because let's be real, nothing feeds the lie that everyone's got it all together like Instagram does. Spend time doing the things that really matter and when you're ready, hop back into it. Don't think your dreams are over just because you missed an opportunity or didn't go full speed for 5 months straight. You've got this. I believe in you.


Oh boy, this is a first world problem if I've ever heard of one. But it's REAL. And it's closely tied with #1 on this list.

Happiness guilt is when things are going super good for you but then you find yourself holding back, keeping things inside, or even stepping away from your dreams because you're afraid of shining too bright. You're afraid of outshining your friends or making your family feel bad. Others are struggling, so who are you to feel so great and be so proud of yourself? Who are you to travel the world when some people can't even pay their bills? Who are you to share your fitness journey when others can't overcome an eating disorder? Who are you to be stoked on your dreams when others are tied down to their responsibilities?

Here's the thing. There will always be someone doing better than you, and there will ALWAYS be someone doing worse than you. You can't feel guilty for other people's choices and circumstances. Sure, don't rub it in people's face's that you're doing well, but don't shrink yourself either. Shrinking serves no one.

You are experiencing the happiness that you have because you created it. You worked hard for it. You have privileges and maybe even a bit of luck that others don't have. But that doesn't mean you should give it all away because you don't want to make anyone feel bad. The answer is actually the opposite.

Here's how you fight happiness guilt: recognize your blessings, be humble, and focus on gratitude. And when you get the opportunity, GIVE BACK. I'm a firm believer we aren't blessed just to be blessed. I don't think God wants us to selfishly use our blessings to just live a luxurious life and be thankful. I believe where much is given, much is required. And if you are lucky enough to be born with privilege and the opportunity to work hard for your dreams, then I think much is required of you. Use your happiness, your passion, your dreams, your blessings, your privilege, your luck, your opportunities - all of it - to give back to the world. Be a force for good, and there will be no reason to feel guilty for what you've worked hard for.

Did anything on this list surprise you? What's your ultimate goal you're working towards right now? I love to hear from you + read your thoughts about what I've written!

Until next time.

Heather Goodman



August 4, 2018


Hey guys!! Jaci here, and I wanted to share my Top 5 Photo Tips with you today! If you didn’t know, I have been obsessed with photography since I was 14 years old and did it full time until I was 22 when I switched over to full time social media influencing. I still take photos almost every day but now I am in front of the camera a lot more which has been an interesting change!

Photography is such a huge part of who I am. I am not exaggerating when I say I have taken photos every day for YEARS. I have obviously learned a lot about photography in the process so I wanted to share a few tips with you! These can apply to travel photography, portrait photography or really any kind of photo taking.

  1. Remember that there are no rules.

This is something that took me awhile to grasp. I was always trying to follow the “rules” of photography. Making sure my subject was in focus, keeping my shutter speed fast enough so there wasn’t motion blur, etc. Towards the end of my portrait photography career (I don’t want to say the end of it, because I am pretty certain I will pick it up again some day, but we will call it “the end” for now), I learned that I loved shooting with a slower shutter speed to allow for photos like this to happen:


Sometimes motion blur can really give a photo feeling which is always my main goal when shooting photos. What is the point of a picture if it doesn’t make you feel something or tell a story? Try new things and you will have way more “Ah-ha!” moments and will progress more than you can imagine.

2. Play with colors.

This is one of my all time favorite parts of photography. I am really drawn to (subtle, pastel) colors and love to play with colors to create a fun, pleasing image. I love monochromatic looks, as well as combining multiple colors. I think both make images so appealing to look at! Here are some examples of what I mean:

I think playing with colors and not being afraid to mix patterns is what makes a photo really stand out! Before taking that first photo I almost paired that rainbow sweater with generic jean shorts and then last minute decided to wear my colorful shorts with it. That is one of my favorite photos and I’m so happy I decided to do that even though I originally thought it might look too crazy. I have people ask me sometimes “Do you plan out all your outfits with specific locations?” Sometimes I do, but the truth is sometimes I just get lucky! With that last photo, I had a few different outfits in my car and we were shooting around a marina. When I saw that yellow sign I thought it would be so cute with my yellow romper I had brought and my cute photographer happened to have those yellow sunglasses. I didn’t plan every detail before hand but it all just came together!

3. Try out different lenses/focal lengths.

This is something that I struggle with because I often get so content with my equipment and forget that there are other options out there! 95% of the time I shoot with my Canon 16-35 mm 2.8. All of the photos you saw under Tip #2 were taken with that lens. I love the focal lengths it can get, and especially for traveling the wide angle is so great. That being said, Leif and I started shooting with our 50 mm lens lately and I forgot how much I love it! Here are some examples of photos taken with different lenses:

Canon 50 mm 1.2:


Canon 70-200 2.8:

Leif was standing SOOO far away to get this shot. I love the depth this lens gets.

Leif was standing SOOO far away to get this shot. I love the depth this lens gets.

Canon 16-35 mm 2.8:

Canon 85 mm 1.2:



Sigma 20 mm 1.4:

IMG_5637 2.jpg


Just wanted to throw in an iPhone shot to show you that you don’t need a fancy expensive lens to get a clear photo! If you are saving up for a camera, do not underestimate the power of your iPhone! Use that in the mean time!

Just wanted to throw in an iPhone shot to show you that you don’t need a fancy expensive lens to get a clear photo! If you are saving up for a camera, do not underestimate the power of your iPhone! Use that in the mean time!

As you can see there are a lot of different options when it comes to lenses and they will all give your photos a unique feel. Sometimes I prefer iPhone photos because they give off such a casual/effortless vibe. Other times I love something like a 50 mm or 85 mm because the background blur is amazing and can make photos look really artistic. Like I mentioned though, my favorite is my 16-35 mm 2.8 because it is versatile and gives my photos a mixture of a casual/artistic feel. It will take time to figure out what works best for you but I recommend trying out different lenses so you can figure out what you love the most!


This goes along with Tip #1-that there are no rules to photography. Just do your thing and have fun!! My favorite photos ever have been the ones where I tried something new. Of course there are times when my ideas completely fail and look stupid, but there are also the times they succeed and it is so fulfilling! Here are some examples:

Use fun props, learn something new on Photoshop, create a mood board prior to your shoot and make it come to life!! All of these photos took planning, but that is why they are some of my favorites! Even if you think it may turn out weird, it is worth a shot. I’m challenging you to think of a creative shoot idea this month and make it come to life!! If you end up doing it, tag @whatwesaidpodcast so we can see!

5. Practice, practice, practice. Learn, learn, learn.

I know this probably sounds very self explanatory, but this is the most important tip!! Nothing will help you improve faster than practicing. There is sooo much out there to learn. If you are feeling bored of your photography, try and learn a new technique or take an online workshop. I promise there is so much out there and the more you learn and put it into practice, the better your work will become. Leif and I recently became pretty uninspired with our film work. Then the other night we watched “American Animals” which had the most amazing cinematography and it totally rekindled the spark of passion that we had been missing! It is okay to feel uninspired or be in a creative slump-it happens to everyone. Make sure to give yourself a break if you need it! You will probably come back even stronger.

As I was writing this post, so many other tips came to mind. If you are interested in a part two, comment and let us know and maybe I can do that in the future! You can follow along with my personal Instagram here.

LOVE YOU ALL!!!! xoxo


Let Us Introduce Ourselves...

Hello Lovely WWS listeners! (We haven’t quite found a clever name for our listening fam quite yet. Feel free to email us with any suggestions because we are stumped.) 

Welcome to our Blog! We are beyond excited to get this blog ball rolling.  

Let us first re-introduce ourselves for those of you who are new around here. 

We are two best friends, Chelsey and Jaci, and we host this all-over-the-place podcast together. Honestly, it’s our dream come true. 

Here’s a little story of how we met. 

One day back in 2010, we both went with a group of mutual friends to a pizza place after school. We didn’t know each other but we met and hung out and it was cool. Whatever. 

Fast forward a couple months and we decided to hang out with each other after school one day.... alone. Now you know how this is!!! We were both 15 and hanging out with someone who is just an acquaintance ALONE for the first time can be scary and awkward. Ya know, because the mutual friend who knows the other person better isn’t around to make everyone feel comfortable.  

Luckily for us, we were instant best friends. We ate ice cream and pizza and Jaci had a sleepover at my house that night and the rest is history! 

Throughout the next few years of High School we were inseparable. Jace and I were constantly cracking jokes, in every class, all the time. We were on the dance team together and were always causing a riot trying to make each other laugh. People would always joke that we needed a TV show together so we started the next best (and possible) thing that year....  a blog! And we called it, That’s What We Said. 

We wrote about our embarrassing stories, different cliques at school, 2012 fashion (coral chevron, studded mint vests, the whole 9 yards..), and other things pertaining to our semi-entertaining, measly high school lives. 

Well, time went on and we both moved away from home pursuing and exploring our passions but always staying friends.  

We grew distant after we both got married & moved to different states. There were random texts and phone calls and we only saw each other every couple months.  

April 2018 came around & for my birthday, Jaci got me a plane ticket to come visit her in Newport! So I came & spent a weekend with her & just like that we were back in business! I think we both had forgotten what it was like to have a best friend that wasn’t our husbands. We started texting & talking all the time again and it was like nothing had changed since HS.  

I had been wanting to start a podcast with my husband, but my husband didn’t want to put his whole life out there on the internet. (I don’t blame him.)  

Jaci had been wanting to start a podcast but didn’t want to host it alone. So we joined forces & decided to make it work, despite us living in two different states. 

We knew what we wanted to do with this podcast from the start, we wanted to inspire and entertain our listeners. The tricky part was figuring out HOW to do it. What equipment did we need, how often should we post, what should we talk about, what will our brand be?  

We were trying to come with a name & our old blog kept calling to us, it HAD to be named That’s What We Said. But it was too long, there weren’t domains, etc. so we decided on What We Said. It just felt nostalgic and right.  

So we brainstormed more ideas and went for it. I booked a flight back to California & we recorded the first 7 episodes!! We were hooked.  

We have loved this podcasting journey so far. We have met some amazing people & have had the opportunity to hear some incredibly inspiring stories. I’ve learned so much & I feel like with each episode I’m growing more and more into the person I’ve always wanted to be.  

So now you know the jist of how we came to be WWS, here are some fun facts about us! 


What is your favorite food? Pizza or Vegan Nachos! 

What does the perfect day look like for you? Wake up early with Nick (if I could somehow wake him up, he is a sleeper boy in the morning) & take our pup on a long walk. Then I would love to go to a great hot yoga class to really get my zen flowin’ for the day. Then probably go to brunch with Nick at one of our favorite spots, do something productive for work that I love, maybe hang out and get something to eat with good friends or family. And finally cozy up in bed to watch funny videos on YouTube and cuddles w/ nick. 

 How old are you? 23 

What’s your Meyer Briggs personality type? INFJ - T “The Advocate” 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Southern California or the South of France (even though I’ve never been but it looks amazing) on a farm with my husband, future kiddos and a bunch of animals.  

What is your choice form of exercise?  Definitely Hot Yoga! I feel my best physically and mentally when I’m consistent with my yoga practice and I like hot yoga because it feels so good to sweat it all out. Or swimming!   

What is your favorite animal? Cheetahs! I’ve always been in love with them.   

What’s your favorite genre of music? honestly, ALL of them! I love everything from the oldies to 2000’s screamo to indie folk and everything in between. 

Describe yourself in 3 words: compassionate, sarcastic, & a sophophilic

Dream Job? (Besides what you do now): I would LOVE to be a lawyer or a detective. 



What is your favorite food? Pasta. and basically any dessert! 

What does the perfect day look like for you? Dream day=Waking up at 9 AM. Going to a vegan café for breakfast. Hanging out with Leif and Lady and then going to do a light workout. After that, meeting up with friends to shop/get lunch! Then get a couples massage with Leif. I love massages so much. After that, honestly I’d love to finish off the day with recording a podcast episode. It has become almost therapeutic and something I really look forward to. Last but not least get some dinner to go and watch netflix in bed.  

What is your choice form of exercise? Still trying to figure this out. I have never been super consistent with any form of workout besides dance (in high school) which I loved and wish I still kept up with. I like going to yoga but i’m very out of practice so I think if i did that more I would enjoy it. I also love/hate cycling classes (like Soulcycle). Such a good workout! 

What is your favorite animal? Toy poodle ;) 

What is your favorite genre of music? Okay I had to do some research for this question because I couldn’t really define what style the music is that I normally listen to. I’m gonna go with pop or contemporary R&B. I also love hip hop/rap music! 

Describe yourself in 3 words: passionate, loyal, spontaneous  

Dream Job? (Besides what you do now): fashion editorial photographer  

How old are you? 23 

What’s your Meyer Briggs personality type? ENFP-T. “The Campaigner” 

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you live? Sydney, Australia. Best food, beautiful scenery, safe and home to the kindest people with the best accent 


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